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Uniting traditions and echoing consciousness

Given the imbalance that the Earth lies in and the lack of
respect in which we show while dealing with our "Mother" and her "children", placing at risk the entire eco-system of our planet, we developed the International Conference on Eco-Science, with the aim of promoting a meeting between environmentalists, anthropologists, indigenous people from different traditions, different countries and representatives of many artists who are engaged in ecological awareness and the quest for respect by all the 'navigators' of this Planet , regardless of color, tradition or culture.
For us to establish a sustainable reality, studies and analysis by today's leading scientists say we need to penetrate into wider spheres of consciousness in regard to our needs and our responsibilities. We should also see the environment and all living beings as participants in a quantum equation of universal inter-dependence.
For this purpose, the International Eco-Science Conference will discuss effective actions for a sacred way of life in which we respect everyone and everything of the vegetable, animal, mineral and human, as brothers and relatives, bringing the consciousness of wholeness and drive this Great Planetary Family, represented here by Clã do Arco-Íris!, unifying the seven root races for seven directions, seeking the common good and a New Earth.
At the conference we will identify solutions to break the paradigms that allow for sustainability and attitudes of respect for everything and everyone, and will achieve this goal through peaceful demonstrations and artistic events, lectures by qualified experts; cuisine (indigenous and organic foods), and cleansing rituals led by leaders from different traditions; exhibition of videos and photographs relating to indigenous issues and the environment. In addition, the event will promote the culture of several native traditions through discussions and talks with the "Sovereign inhabitants of Earth” showing their harmonious relationship with nature.
After all, we believe that its no good to just educate, celebrate and make art, there must be real changes in behavioral patterns. Therefore it is paramount that the Eco-Science Conference
co-creats a treaty that has the main rights and obligations of every inhabitant of the New Earth, besides the co-creation of a code of protection of indigenous rights.
This event which mixes convention with celebration will be held from 3rd to 6th
of June at the Indian Revolutionary Campsite (AIR) in front of the Senate and the Ministries Esplanade, in the prophetic inter-planetary capital, Brasilia. Bring your drums, maracas, guitar, poems, paintings, films, flags, and we will prepare a beautiful "garden" of peace, harmony, unity, respect, truth and unconditional love! Bring your art, bring your strength, co-create!
Do not miss this opportunity, listen to this mythical calling and come join us as we co-create a New Earth.
We are on standby and awaiting the Warriors!
Gratefully yours,
Clã do Arco-Íris!!
Socio-Cultural Program-Environmental;
03/06- Opening Ritual / Songs / Children Sories / Indigenous Dances / Pass the Baton to speak Ceremony / Body Painting / Sale of Indian Handicrafts
04/06- Songs / Stories Children / Indigenous Dance / Lectures / Workshops / Roundtable / Olympics Native / Cuisine / Art Exhibition / Awareness Cinema / Circus Performance / Poetry / Sale of Indian Handicrafts
05/06- WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY-Songs, fairy tales, heatrical plays and Indian dances / Lectures / Roundtable / Workshops / Cuisine / Art Exhibition / Awareness Cinema / Circus Performance / Poetry / Body Painting / Indian Craft Sale
06/06- Songs / Dance / Children’s stories / Exhibitions / Native olimpian art / Awareness Cinema / Sale / Indian Handicrafts / Signing of the Treaty of New Earth / New Earth Presentation of the Village and the Clan of the Rainbow / Closing Ritual, ...
Artistic Attractions;
Circus People of Brazil (Marcos Frota)
Haru Kuntanawa
Mother Moon
Mantric Mambo
Rai de Castro
Sallum (Pedra Branca)
Tom Herbs
The Reality Scientist
Udiyana Bandha
This is a unique calling, pass on he word to all your contacts, just once, for who hears this divine call, will be present!
All activities and attractions are free, but financial contributions and donations such as clothing, toys and food are really needed.
It is not allowed alcohol or using any illegal substance on site
Bring your kids, the event is 0 to 111 years
Separate trash
Look to stay he night away from the camp
Come in Peace and Tupa will follow!
Love Is In The ... A.I.R

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